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Finix Wins the 2021 Enabling Technology Leadership Award in Payments from Frost & Sullivan!

The team at Finix is excited to announce that we have won the 2021 Enabling Technology Leadership Award in Payments from Frost & Sullivan! We want to bask in the glow of this award for a little bit...but also want you to know that this is an excellent indicator of Finix’s position as an innovator in payments technology. 

The report details how Finix is on a mission to make financial services more accessible, starting with payments processing infrastructure that allows platforms to own more of the payments experience and profit.

Finix’s core platform includes a comprehensive, full-stack, developer-friendly payment infrastructure. It supports users throughout the PayFac life cycle, enabling them to process and reconcile transactions and underwrite merchants.”


Included in the report is also a breakdown of Finix’s Flex product, which allows companies to get up and running faster with a clear path to payments ownership. As well as how we are harnessing API technology to make deployment faster and easier for companies of all sizes.

These features are coupled with broad expertise in payments, making Finix the perfect partner to guide companies through all of the technology and compliance requirements necessary for payments processing.

Flex is ideal for clients seeking to become operational rapidly yet with a gradual expansion of payment capabilities with Finix as they scale—with the overall objective to own and control their payments capabilities completely.”


Frost & Sullivan granted this Award to Finix based on their study of the following categories:

Technology Leverage

  • Commitment to Innovation
  • Commitment to Creativity
  • Stage Gate Efficiency
  • Commercialization Success
  • Application Diversity

Customer Impact

  • Price/Performance Value
  • Customer Purchase Experience
  • Customer Ownership Experience
  • Customer Service Experience
  • Brand Equity 

Frost & Sullivan recognizes that Finix is building innovative payments technology in order to provide a world-class payments experience. If you would like to read more about why Finix was the best choice for the award, we welcome you to download the full report.

This award is further validation of our position in the payments industry as an educator and innovator. It follows awards from organizations such as CB Insights and Forbes Fintech 50.


Finix Wins the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award

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