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How Finix is Responding to COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc around the world, organizations from nearly every industry have shifted their focus to support fellow citizens and businesses in need. Here at Finix, our response has been no different as we’ve tried to do our small part in fighting what appears to be an unrelenting, global challenge. While supporting others aligns with our shared mission, taking care of our team internally is a top priority. We’re only as good as our people, and to that end, we’ve made a few adjustments to reduce the stress and anxiety our employees are currently feeling.

The Basics

When it became clear that COVID-19 was here to stay and would impact each of us in some way, we wanted Finix employees to have enough time to take care of personal matters to organize their affairs and families.

With a shift to 100% remote work, mandatory shelter in place requirements in several states, and the closure of non-essential businesses across the country, many of us were faced with challenges that required unique workarounds -- particularly parents and people with no previous work from home experience. We offered all Finix employees two paid days off, before and after a weekend to take care of shopping to stock up on supplies, to source school lessons for kids, and to provision space at home for work.

Where some people are hyper-effective working from home, and prefer solitude and limited distractions, others find it challenging to turn a space they associate with relaxation into one of productivity. Still, to make things a bit easier on our team, everyone was given a one-time, no questions asked bonus to boost their home office set up. In addition to doing our best to make folks’ at-home work set up a little more cushy, employees can now access up to $75 for upgrades to their home internet for faster speed and increased data. Work from home veterans also devoted time to help newbies with best practices and tips for making the most of this professional shift.

By now, most of us have seen our co-workers’ kitchens, socks, pets, and children. Even with the best efforts, it can be hard to focus on work with little ones in the home, so to make it easier on parents who are providing full-time childcare on top of maintaining full-time work hours, all Finixian parents get a free pass to cancel or reschedule meetings.

The Finix Go-to-Market (GTM) team on a morning standup

The Finix Go to Market team on a morning standup

Come Hang at Camp Finix

Events were and still are a big part of how we connect at Finix. Across teams, we had several offsites planned to learn, relax, and draw closer together as a team. Regularly, our sales and go-to-market (GTM) teams lead onsites with existing and potential customers to manage solutioning. Beyond customer face to face meetings, we were all really excited about industry-wide events that we’d been planning to attend for months, like SaaStr and ETA. And then COVID-19 canceled all of our plans. But in true Finix fashion, with the spirit of resilience that’s required to thrive and survive at a fast-growing startup, we shifted our attention to internal, virtual community-building events to keep us in step.

How Finix is Responding to COVID-19

List provided by Dan Williams’ daughter, Charlotte, age 9

Where we previously may have had more events focused on industry-related topics, we’ve instead launched Camp Finix for our team, which includes a variety of engaging virtual hangs that have nothing to do with payments or infrastructure at all.

We have Formal Fridays, for instance, to remember who we were before socks and sweats became everyday attire. The Finix Flash Mob has uncovered burgeoning singers, dancers, and even lip-syncers. And then there are our weekly gaming, learning, and fitness sessions, which give us a chance to investigate interests we maybe otherwise wouldn’t and learn from each other. While these activities may seem a little silly at first glance, these are the activities that keep us human, connected, and sane in a time of grave uncertainty. Every week we get a chance to hold space together to be ourselves, and it’s been extremely helpful in making us feel like a team, no matter how far apart we may be physically.

We Still Work Here

The current state of affairs has all but obliterated former professional, personal, and even cultural norms in some cases. Things that seemed so commonplace, just one month ago, now feel a lifetime away. Despite all of the changes, we are still a highly ambitious group of payments nerds, hyper-focused on turning every software company into a payments company. That means we have to uphold certain standards of professionalism, even during a global pandemic.

We encourage and require that all employees turn on their camera when on video calls; parents are exempt from this for obvious reasons. It’s vital that when we are discussing our customers, products, and path forward that everyone is plugged in and focused. It’s a lot easier to uphold that when everyone can see your face on the screen. We also ask that the team mute their mics when on a video conference and use real photos for Slack profiles and other team tools. Now more than ever, it’s essential that our entire team can put team faces to names to help us move forward in the same direction together.

Despite all of the ways Coronavirus has forced us all apart, a funny thing has happened, at least here at Finix -- in many ways, it’s brought us closer together. The opportunity to deliver nextgen payments capacity to scaling software organizations via managed payments infrastructure is why we all chose Finix. We passionately believe in the future of fintech and payments to transform what’s possible for organizations of all sizes, merchants, and consumers. But during this unexpected climate change, we’ve discovered that we’re not just payments people. We’re coffee people, dancing people, fit people, pet people, and parents, too. If you’d like to join us, we’d love to hear from you.