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More Payments Power Players Join Finix

Some of the new faces around Finix

Finix is growing! We recently shared that our customers grew their payments volume on Finix’s platform by 450% (Q2 ‘20 vs. Q2 ‘19). To keep up with this demand, we’ve been rapidly building out our team. Last July, there were just 15 people working at Finix. Today, we have over 80 Finixians committed to building the fintech infrastructure of the future. As we’ve scaled, we worked hard to bring together an incredible team of people whose unique experience in the payments world—and beyond—make Finix well suited to build and innovate for years to come. 

The last few months have flown by as we’ve supported our customers during the pandemic and launched a new product—Flex, our integrated payments offering—so we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the new faces at Finix and share why they joined. 

Kavita Jiandani 

Director of Product, Gateway

Former: Director of Product, Payments Product and Engineering at PayPal

Kavita stumbled into the payments industry early in her career and has spent the last twenty years working as an engineer, architect, and product manager. Recently, she’s noticed a flurry of innovation in the industry with new payment methods and even new payments rails emerging. Kavita’s career has given her perspective into almost every level of the payments layer cake, which has led her to believe that not only is software is eating the world but that payments is enabling it. As she takes over product management for the gateway team here at Finix, Kavita is excited to combine Finix’s APIs with professional services to democratize payments for all participants, particularly merchants and consumers.

“Three things are important to me when choosing a new role- the ability to work with good, smart people, the opportunity and autonomy to make a difference, and plenty of room to learn and grow. Finix emphatically checks all the boxes. It is a values driven organisation full of amazingly intelligent people, collaborating to build a new paradigm of payments as foundational infrastructure, with plenty of room to forge new paths as we do this.”

Adam Hollis 

Enterprise & Strategic Business Development

Former: Business Development at Infinicept

Adam brings over fifteen years of payments experience with some of the world's leading brands to Finix. His involvement with payments at the acquirer level and working with Independent Software Vendors (ISV) give him unique insight into the intersection of financial services and technology, and the opportunities that payment facilitation provide. Since 2004, he's had roles spanning enterprise sales, management consulting, channel partnerships, and global business development.  

"Historically, software providers and others have had to cede control of one of the most important parts of their business, getting paid to third parties. Control allows organizations the ability to provide an end to end experience that aligns with their brand, their values, and the vision they have for the ideal experience. Payment Facilitation, as it exists today, will continue to change the existing payments ecosystem through faster decisioning, more efficient enablement, and a better overall experience. It will also open the door for Payment Facilitators themselves to expand more broadly into providing a full suite of financial services to the customers they serve. Finix is special; we have a very smart, talented team, and a product that is constantly evolving with a maniacal focus on providing current and future payment facilitators the best experience possible."

Talk to Adam about how to prepare your enterprise software for an enhanced payments experience.


Jonathan Sousa 

VP of Customer Success 

Former: Head of Customer Success at Scoop

Jonathan started his career in management consulting—supporting companies like Tesla, Microsoft, and Hyatt—before joining Dropbox as a customer success manager in 2013. There, he learned just how critical Customer Success can be as a revenue-driver, not just a tool for retention. Jonathan then joined carpooling platform Scoop, where he built-out a world-class Customer Success organization. More recently, Jonathan has become fascinated by fintech and the opportunities that could be opened up by disrupting traditional financial services

“I’m excited to be playing at the forefront of two rapidly evolving disciplines: fintech and Customer Success. The idea that software companies can become payment companies is relatively new in the fintech world. From a Customer Success perspective, this is incredibly exciting and isn’t just about implementing technology. It isn’t just about educating end users, or driving engagement. My vision is to build a team of proactive, consultative, indispensable thought-partners to our customers. I want our customers to view Finix as a strategic resource, not just a vendor. If we do our job right, we’ll retain customer revenue, but we’ll also be a meaningful contributor of growth that fuels Finix’s success over the long-haul.”


Our ever-changing world makes clear that the future of software products will require embedded payments solutions that can adapt to economic shifts and new consumer preferences. At Finix, we’re building the fintech infrastructure tools of tomorrow, today with a focus on exceptional product and customer experiences. Want to be a part of building the next generation of fintech infrastructure companies? We’re hiring payments people of all types and would love to hear from you.