Finix people behind the product
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The People Behind the Product
Welcome to a new Finix initiative, The People Behind the Product. At Finix, we know our product is only as good as our people, and that's why we focus on hiring and building..
Finix how to get started as a payment facilitator
Payment Facilitation, Payments
Getting Started with Payment Facilitation
Payment facilitation is having a moment right now, and rightfully so. Payment facilitation is the model by which growing software companies are increasingly owning, managing,..
Finix Flex webinar FAQ
Payment Facilitation
Finix Flex Follow-Up
Flex helps scaling software organizations future-proof their payments strategy by providing an integrated payments solution that allows platforms, Independent Software..
Software companies embedded payments
Why Software Companies are Embedding Payments
Graphic that illustrates the the future of payments technology
Payments are Poised to be the Future of Software
Visual diagram showing the payments layer cake
Understanding the Payments Layer Cake
Visual diagram illustrating the lay-of-the-land in the payments industry
The Evolution of Integrated Payments: Payment Facilitation
Visual timeline showing the history of payments
The History of Payment Facilitation
Illustration of an old credit card swipe machine
What is a Payment Facilitator?
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Should You Become a Payment Facilitator?
A storefront graphic with airdrop packages
How To Become A Payment Facilitator?